based on Blockchain Technology

Green Chain

Green Chain is a platform that maximizes the security, low cost, and visibility of the blockchain.

Green Chain creates an ecosystem that is beneficial to all participants such as individuals, companies, governments, etc. by inducing active participation of users.

Hessegg is concentrating on developing solutions to create a better future.

Decentralized Tattoo

D-Tattoo is a new approach to user identities and the future of online privacy and security.

D-Tattoo platform is optimized to realize ‘self-sovereign identity' and 'self-owned identity'. This allows users to have complete control over their own digital identity, as well as the amount of personal information exposed during interactions.

Hessegg's D-Tattoo platform will present the future of DID in various fields.

Voting & Poll

Voting on the blockchain blocks the possibility of forgery and alteration, thereby producing data that everyone can ultimately trust.

Voting Platform designed by Hessegg enables more people to participate simultaneously and transparent voting results with high reliability and fast processing speed.

Hessegg's voting platform successfully protects personal information on the blockchain with an innovatively improved algorithm. At the same time, it adds a reward system for voters to attract more people to participate.

Hessegg's voting platform can be freely built for both public and private platforms.

Hessegg's platform will shape the future of voting systems.