The fastest Mainnet on the planet,
developed for maximum scalability and flexibility.


KLAATOO™ is the most advanced mainnet and is the fastest and most stable among existing blockchain mainnets.

KLAATOO™ V.1 is a Tendermint-based DPoS mainnet.

KLAATOO™ V.1 has successfully improved the “block generation time” through consensus algorithm innovation. (KLAATOO-Direct, within 2 seconds)

Minimize overhead when sending messages


Tendermint makes up a relatively small network (50 nodes size), but it takes some time to connect once. Because it uses 'gossip protocol'. In Tendermint, all nodes are configured in a format that connects to about 10 nodes each, so the network is not fully connected to each other. The validation node executes the confirmation of information in a relay manner, as if by rumors.

KLAATOO™ V.1 has improved them.

In KLAATOO™ V.1, networks are completely connected to each other, and a validation node is directly connected to all other validation nodes. As a result of shortening this verification process, the overhead of message transmission is minimized.

Mainnet Block Generation Time Comparison

KLAATOO™ EOS Tron Ethereum Bitcoin Cosmos
Block Interval 1~2 sec 0.5 sec 3 sec 10 sec 10 min 7 sec
Number of
block for
1 300 blocks 20 blocks 10~20 blocks 6~10 blocks 2 blocks
Block confirms 1~2 sec 2.5 min 1 min 1.5~3.5 min 60~ min 14~15 sec

※ Bitcoin and Ethereum follow the average number of exchange block confirmations

KLAATOO™ V.1-beta Demonet : Block Explorer-Dashboard

Verify perfomance of Klaatoo V.1


KLAATOO™ V.2 is a version-up mainnet that will improve the speed by more than 30% compared to the existing mainnet. KLAATOO™ V.2 further compresses the level of message logging used in consensus. As a result, the speed of consensus works faster and more reliably.

KLAATOO™ V.2 is expected to be developed within 2021.

KLAATOO™ can be used in various business areas by maximizing scalability and flexibility. It can be used and expanded in both public and private areas, such as business areas that require fast payment methods using blockchain and business areas that form its own mainnet-based ecosystem.

Hessegg is constantly investing in technology development to build a blockchain ecosystem in various areas.